Medical Diary

Medical Diary

Liposuction for Body Sculpture and Obesity

2010 Feb

Since Illouz and Fournier pioneered to practise liposuction in the 1970’s, liposuction has become a common and safe aesthetic plastic surgery procedure worldwide for shaping the body by removing localised subcutaneous fat collected through a few small puncture sites. Since then, liposuction has undergone many important technical refinements which permit the removal of a large volume of fat and major contour changes achieved safely in a single session with minimal blood loss. The use of tumescent infiltration technique and the application of ultrasonic energy to emulsify fatty tissue are the most significant improvements to facilitate both sophisticated and massive liposuction recently.

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The Current Status of Breast Augmentation

2010 Sep

This article has been selected by the Editorial Board of Hong Kong Medical Diary for participants in the CME programme of the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) to complete the following self-assessment questions in order to be awarded one CME credit under the programme upon returning the completed answer sheet to the Federation Secretariat on or before 30 September 2010.

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Plastic Surgery for Facial Injury and Facial Skin Lesions / Tumours

2011 Aug

Surgery on the face is always demanding as most patients would expect a pleasing result in this exposed and most noticiable part of the body. To ensure good healing and an inconspicuous scar on the face, plastic surgeons have to take into consideration the following characteristics in facial surgeries.

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Aesthetic Considerations in the Surgical Treatment of Benign Facial Skin Lesions

2020 June

Facial skin lesions are common and are mostly benign. Most benign facial skin lesions pose little health risks to patients unless they are suspicious of malignancy or having a diagnostic problem. Some may also be symptomatic such as progressive growth, irritation, infection or ulceration.

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